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Tuesday, 13 March 2007
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This is the first release for Mac OS X. It is also the first binary release of Thunder&Lightning since 2007 and still somewhat experimental. Feedback is greatly appreciated!

Linux releases of Thunder&Lightning were published in a format called Autopackage that is mostly defunct as of now. The author kindly asks for distro maintainers to provide updated packages. There have been RPMs for Fedora and OpenSUSE.

The author of Thunder&Lightning highly appreciates any help from the Linux community in providing binary packages.

Thunder&Lightning's Windows version is even more outdated than the Linux one and doesn't really reflect what the game is all about. The old download is provided for completeness.

You will need OpenAL installed: Download here.

Thunder&Lightning 2015-12-29.dmg
26,883,821 bytes
Old Version
Thunder And Lightning 071111.package
8,601,777 bytes
Antique Version
9,854,360 bytes

Previous releases can be found in the files section. The full source code and data is available in Thunder&Lightning's GitHub repository.

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