New Release: Thunder&Lightning 060203
Written by Jonas   
Friday, 03 February 2006

The new release of Thunder&Lightning features smoothly chasing views which bring a lot of fun and dynamic into the game. Experient with it: F1 ... F6! Don't forget that you can control other units and even the tanks by pressing the N key. Switch off the AI pilot with A.

A missile warning will now alert you of incoming missiles, so you have time to evade.

Also, performance enhancements make the game much more playable.

Update: Windows version uploaded now.

  • Boost libraries updated (no more "unknown compiler" warnings with gcc >3.4)
  • Weak.h: Weak reference system introduced
  • IActorStage.h: Keep a list of weakly linked actors (for views and other transient actors, e.g.)
  • Weapon system reworked (weapon groups now handled inside Armament, much nicer for scripting and flexibility)
  • Standard events handled in SimpleActor
  • new smoothly chasing views for tank and lightning
  • Skeleton.h: support for frustum culling
  • SimpleActor: optionally handles skeleton drawing now
  • Io scripting: new mappings for Armament, Weapon and Targeter, changes in Game and SimpleActor
  • New sound source management (needs further work)
Last Updated ( Friday, 03 February 2006 )