How do I play it? (Controls)
Written by Jonas   
Wednesday, 06 October 2004

This is the default controls configuration for Thunder&Lightning version 070707 and newer.

Note thate the configuration is changeable via the game's settings dialog.

Control Joystick Mouse Keyboard
Quit     ESC
Pause     P
Console     F11
Time accel     F9(slower),F10(faster)
Debug mode     F12
Generic Controls
Automatic/Manual  A
Switch to next unit
 Flight Controls
Elevator Joystick Y Mouse Y Cursor Up, Down
Aileron Joystick X Mouse X Cursor Left, Right
Rudder Joystick Rudder   ',' (comma), '.' (period)
Throttle Joystick Throttle   1=0%, 2=11%, .. 0=100%
+ increase by 5%
- decrease by 5%
Landing gear
Button 8
Tail hook
Button 9
Button 6
 Tank Controls
Accelerate/brake   Cursor Up, Down
  Cursor Left, Right
Turret Mouse X 
Cannon elevation
 Mouse Y
Weapon Controls
Fire Weapon Button 1 Left button Left ctrl
Switch Weapon
Button 2
Right button
Next target     T
Previous target     R
Next hostile Button 5
Next friendly Button 4
Target in Gunsight Button 3   G
Nearest target     Z,Y
Switch view     F1,F2,...,F6
Zoom     F7 (out),F8 (in)
Observer view     V
Observer direction Mouse X,Y
Observer dolly
 Left button
+ Mouse Y
Observer pan
 Right button
+ Mouse X,Y
Observer stop
 Middle button


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