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Written by Jonas Eschenburg   
Wednesday, 04 November 2015

As the author of Thunder&Lightning, it is always with a laughing and a crying eye when I look at its home page, where time seems to have stood still since 2007. That very year marked the beginning of my professional career as a software developer, and it also marked the end of a period of twelve years of almost continuous development.

No, I haven't given up on Thunder&Lightning. I still think of it a lot and hate to admit that I currently don't even have a playable version at hand. At some occasions I tried to make a stab at it, but I just couldn't find enough time and devotion to work myself through all the technical complexities of compiling TnL again.

Despite all the tragedy, thousands of friendly people visit TnL's home page every month, and hundreds download the binary packages. I wish my current project was that popular!

So I decided I need to ask for your help:

  • Please, answer the poll about your recent experiences with TnL. I have no idea if it is running at all.
  • If you're a software developer, please fork TnL on GitHub  and see whether you can get it to compile, especially on Linux. Maybe we won't succeed at first, but we can make incremental progress.
  • If you're a blogger or have social network readership, you might forward my call for help!

My long time goal is to be able to provide a runnable version of Thunder&Lightning for all major platforms.

Also, if you're an aspiring game developer or 3D artist working with Blender , then my other project might be something for you:

BitWrk is an open marketplace for Blender rendering fueled by Bitcoin, the famous internet currency. Please check it out and give it some publicity if you can!

Keep flying! :-)

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