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Written by Jonas Eschenburg   
Thursday, 01 November 2007

Important update: For help and dicussion about installation of the autopackage, please go here.

I'm proud to present to you the release of Thunder&Lightning 071031 "Halloween Is Not Over Yet".

This release includes a graphical user interface (CEGUI), marking the end of having to relaunch the game every time the mission is over. It also means that basic settings and control mappings are now configurable from inside TnL. This was a very big step that needed a lot of development effort. Additionally, a nice and shiny new radar screen provides tactical information. I hope you like it!

To download, go to the download area. Screenshots are provided here. As always you will find help with any problems in the forum.

Update: Toni Graffy has kindly provided RPMs for OpenSuSE .

Click "read more" to see the full list of new features...

New Features

  • A graphical user interface makes Thunder&Lightning much more user friendly:
    • A mission selection dialog.
    • Basic settings like screen resolution and whether to user shaders can be configured graphically.
    • Controls (keys, buttons, joystick axes and coolie hats) are configurable now.
    • A main menu (access with ESC) gives control over TnL
  • A new radar screen looks cool and helps orientation.
  • Radar contacs are shared between units of the same faction (RadarNet)
  • Decoy flares are now deployed automatically, even if flying manually increasing player's chances of survival.
  • Some new particle effects for explosions and gunfire.
  • Lots of smaller enhancements.

Known bugs and shortcomings

  • Users of french (AZERTY) keyboards will have to redefine the key mappings for throttle control.
  • Many functions on the main menu aren't finished yet: Start Campaign, Load Game, Save Game, Credits will not work.
  • Sound might be of low quality (crackling noises) depending on whether your distribution uses an old build of OpenAL
  • Users of ATI graphics cards best replica rolex may sometimes experience crashes while the loading screen is displayed. Disabling GLSL shaders eliminates this.
  • Missions need more work. Some missions will signal "Mission accomplished" right after the start. The tutorial should be broken into smaller parts. There should be more missions (community effort!).
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