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Written by Jonas Eschenburg   
Monday, 22 October 2007

Work on the next release of Thunder&Lightning is progressing smoothly. A new configuration dialog has been inplemented, allowing joystick axes to be assigned to game controls. This completes the milestone of having 100% GUI controlled input configuration!

During the work on the input subsystem, TnL also got a visual controls indicator that already served in identifying a serious bug. As the game supports many different ways to actuate a specific control, i.e. joystick, mouse, keyboard, it has to decide between these channels for every control, which is accomplished with a thresholding method. It turns out rolex replica that the threshold was applied in a wrong way. This is what caused gentle joystick motion to be ignored. Joystick users who found the Lightning aircraft hard to control will find the next release much more pleasing.

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