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Written by Jonas   
Thursday, 14 October 2004

Previous versions of Thunder&Lightning have come preconfigured to run in a window, while latter versions will run fullscreen by default. There might be good reasons to configure TnL to run either fullscreen or windowed.

Here is how.

Version 070526 and later

In file share/tnl/scripts/ you will find the following line:

// Whether or not the game should run fullscreen ("true") or windowed ("false")
Game_fullscreen := "false"

Change that to "true" and the game will run fullscreen in your desktop's default resolution.

If you'd rather use a different resolution:

Game_auto_resolution := "false"

// Resolution if Game_autodetect_resolution is set to "false"
Game_xres := "800"
Game_yres := "600"

Versions 051215 up to 060203

In file share/landscape/scripts/ you will find the following line:

Screen_mode := "0"

Change that to one of the following values:

Screen_mode Resolution Mode
"0" 800x600 Windowed
"1" 800x600 Fullscreen
"2" 1024x768 Fullscreen
"3" 1280x1024 Fullscreen
"4" 1400x1050 Fullscreen
"5" 1600x1200 Fullscreen

Older Versions

Open the file in share/landscape/scripts. You will find the following:


Game_windowed := "1"

if(Game_windowed != "0") then(

Game_grab_mouse := "false"

Game_xres := "800"

Game_yres := "600"

Game_fullscreen := "0"

) else (

Game_grab_mouse := "true"

Game_xres := "1024"

Game_yres := "768"

Game_fullscreen := "1"



Change the first line into Game_windowed := "0". TnL will now run fullscreen at 1024x768.

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