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Written by Jonas   
Wednesday, 06 October 2004

If you downloaded the Linux Autopackage version of Thunder&Lightning (e.g., "Thunder And Lightning 070707.package"), follow these instructions .

For the Windows zipfile (e.g., or Linux tarball (e.g., TnL-linux-070707.tar.bz2), you need to perform the following steps.

On Linux

Step 1

Download the binary package (e.g. TnL-linux-051215.tar.bz2)

Step 2

Unpack it:

> tar xjf TnL-linux-051215.tar.bz2

Step 3

Start it:

> TnL/bin/tnl

On Windows

Step 1

Download the binary package (e.g.

Step 2

Unzip it into a folder where you like it (e.g. your desktop)

Step 3

Run it by double-clicking on the "TnL" folder, then on "bin", then on "ThunderAndLightning"

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