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  Link   Crazy Eddie's GUI
CEGUI is a user interface system that is able to use OpenGL, DirectX and some 3D engines as a drawing backend. It will be used in Thunder&Lightning, probably in various ways.
  Link   Carrier 2
A remake of the 80's classic Carrier Command.
  Link   Continuous Collision Detection
TnL's collision detection is based the Fast Continuous Collision detection algorithm by Stephane Redon
  Link   darcs
darcs is a nice little version control system currently used by TnL.
  Link   February 2002 Flipcode Image of the Day
Back in 2002 I submitted a demo version of TnL to the game programming website Flipcode. I got a lot of positive response on that.
  Link   git
git is a source code management system most famously known for being used to develop the Linux kernel. TnL does not use it directly, but requires a special version of Io which is developed using git.
  Link   GLFont
GLFont is a nice Win32 program written by Brad Fish. It will render the glyphs of a TrueType font into a texture image. It helped me create the font rendering in Thunder&Lightning.
  Link   Io Language
A small prototype-based programming language. TnL uses Io for configuration and scene setup. Later it will probably become the main AI language.
  Link   LibSigC++
A C++ library that makes callbacks easier and more flexible. TnL uses it for mapping input events to class methods.
  Link   OpenAL
OpenAL is to audio what OpenGL is to graphics. It is an audio API featuring sound sources positioned in 3D space. Although the pace of development has decreased since the demise of linux game company Loki
  Link   SDL
Simple DirectMedia Layer is a library that provides access to graphics hardware on a number of platforms, including Windows. TnL uses SDL for OpenGL access and input handling.
  Link   Wings 3D
The free 3d editor TnL's models were made with. Supports UV texturing.
  Link   Thunder&Lightning
There was apparently a Breakout-like arcade game developed by Seta in 1990 with the name Thunder&Lightning. Thanks to Christopher Krakowiak for mentioning this!
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