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Written by Jonas Eschenburg   
Monday, 09 July 2007

A new version of Thunder&Lightning has been released. User-visible changes include:

  • An aircraft carrier that serves as take-off and landing platform for the Lightning aircraft, capable of self-defense with a deck turret.
  • Water rendering: A GLSL shader renders realistically reflecting waves of machines with hardware shader support.
  • A new Lightning cockpit with multi function display (currently only shows a magnifying view).
  • Lots of work on AI.Drones can now take off and land on the carrier after performing their mission.
  • Reworked missions that make use of the aircraft carrier. Extended tutorial mission.
  • Yet again, enhanced flight model.
  • Desktop integration: start TnL with a click on an icon.
  • A new installation method: Autopackage.
  • Bugfixes...

I hope you like it. Download Thunder&Lightning in the Download section. You can choose between a self-installing autopackage or a classic tarball as method for installation. Should you encounter problems, then the new Forum is the right place to find help.

 This release has been tagged "070707" in darcs.

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